Damp Proof Coursing Accessories

Preformed accessories to complete damp proof coursing (DPC) and horizontal cavity tray systems at vulnerable areas such as corners, changes of level and stopends to ensure complete protection from water ingress.

An effective method of DPC with various benefits including consistent and steadfast protection, a quicker and easier installation, reduced cold bridging opportunities and site material waste.

View the Products in the Range tab below for further information. Solutions include:

  • Change of level units
  • Corner units
  • Stopend units
  • Jointing tape
  • Joint supports


  • Wherever DPC is used to form a horizontal cavity tray

Product Information

Built in an 150mm rise

DescriptionHanding50mm Cavity Width*75mm Cavity Width*100mm Cavity Width*
Stop end units - full heightRH901090129014
Stop end units - full heightLH901190139015
Stop end units - 75mm high (sloping)RH9045†9047†9049†
Stop end units - 75mm high (sloping)LH9046†9048†9050†
Stop end units - 75mm highMulti902490249024†
Corner units-900190029003
Joint supports-9026†90279028
Change level unit - 75mm stepMulti9060†9063†9066
Change level unit - 150mm stepMulti9061†9064†9067
Change level unit - 225mm stepMulti9062†9065†9068
Gastite sealing tape 10m x 100mm-GTAPE01GTAPE01GTAPE01

*Product code to suit cavity width

Built in at 225mm rise

Stop end units - full heightRH9018†9020†9022†
Stop end units - full heightLH9019†9021†9023
Stop end units - 75mm high (sloping)RH905190539055
Stop end units - 75mm high (sloping)LH90529054†9056†
Stop end units - 75mm highMulti902490249024
Corner units-900490059006
Joint supports-9030†9031†9032
Change level unit - 75mm stepMulti907090739076
Change level unit - 150mm stepMulti907190749067
Change level unit - 225mm stepMulti907290759078
Gastite sealing tape 10m x 100mm-GTAPE01GTAPE01GTAPE01

*Product code to suit cavity width

  • One-piece seamless mouldings eliminate the need for site fabrication to prevent errors through poor workmanship
  • Easy to handle, flexible, tough, durable and puncture resistant
  • Can be used for multi-storey or high loading applications. It will not extrude under loads up to the point of compressive failure of wall
  • Wide range of standard components with special, tailor-made accessories also readily available
  • Satisfies all NHBC requirements
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001
  • Complies with all relevant Building Regulations
  • Meets all relevant British Standards
  • Moulded in 2.0mm thick medium density polyethylene. They do not contain any pitch, tar or bitumen. Available in black only.

Corner units
For use where a cavity tray must turn the corner of a building.

Change of level units
For use where the cavity tray steps up or down along its run.

Stopend units
For sealing off the ends of the cavity tray at its start and finish.

Jointing tape
For sealing lapped joints in the DPC or for sealing the DPC on to the accessories.

Joint supports
For fitting below lapped joints in the DPC to provide support and allow the jointing tape to be sealed correctly.

  • As with the DPC, accessories should always be bedded on to fresh mortar, never dry bedded. The masonry laid over the DPC should also be bedded on to fresh mortar so that the DPC is approximately halfway through the thickness of the mortar joint.
  • DPC must be lapped on to the accessory by a minimum of 100mm.
  • All lapped joints must be fully sealed with jointing tape. It is essential that the jointing surfaces are clean and dry or the jointing tape will not seal correctly.
  • State the wall construction, cavity width and the rise which is required across the cavity.
  • If you need a special, tailor-made accessory – please supply a dimensioned sketch detailing your requirements.

F30 Accessories/sundry items for brick/block/stone walling


  • Manufacturer: Timloc Building Products, Timloc House, Ozone Park, Howden, East Yorkshire, DN14 7SD. T: 01405 765567 W: www.timloc.co.uk
  • Type(s) and location(s): Preformed stopend units to be positioned at the start and finish of a run of cavity trays.
  • Seal all laps with dpcs and/or cavity trays using adhesive or mastic in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure a fully watertight installation.
  • Reference: 9000 Stopend Unit (RH/LH)
  • Cavity Rise: (150mm or 225mm)
  • Cavity Width: (50mm, 75mm and 100mm)

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