Adapt-Air is the pre-assembled ducting to airbrick adapter set from Timloc that helps to meet Building Regulation Part F.

The cost-effective ducting to airbrick adapter kit is delivered pre-assembled, ready to fit straight out of the box – it saves time, reduces costs and minimises the need for external fitters, core drilling and specialist tools, when connecting to an internal fan to duct through to an external wall.

Adapt-Air has been designed to be built in as part of the brickwork package and terminates at an external airbrick, removing the need to use unsightly gravity flap vents and avoiding the unsightly re-works of cutting a hole through brickwork.


  • Use at:
    • Floor level voids
    • External walls
  • Suitable for round and rectangular rigid extraction ductwork from:
    • Bathrooms
    • WC cloakrooms
    • Utility rooms
    • Kitchens

Product Information


DescriptionDuct SizeTube LengthProduct Codes
Adapt-Air Single Airbrick 330x100mm100mm Ø330mm6500 + airbrick colour
Adapt-Air Single Airbrick 430x100mm100mm Ø430mm6520 + airbrick colour
Adapt-Air Single Airbrick 450x110mm110mm Ø450mm3511 + airbrick colour
Adapt-Air Rectangular Single Airbrick 450x100x54mm100mm x 54mm450mm6510 + airbrick colour
Adapt-Air Double Airbrick 330x125mm125mm Ø330mm6512 + airbrick colour
Adapt-Air Double Airbrick 430x125mm125mm Ø430mm6525 + airbrick colour
Adapt-Air Double Airbrick 330x150mm150mm Ø330mm6515 + airbrick colour
Adapt-Air Double Airbrick 430x150mm150mm Ø430mm6550 + airbrick colour

  • Enables rigid extraction ductwork termination to be built in as part of the brickwork package
  • Doesn’t restrict or interrupt ducting airflow
  • Convenient ‘1 product code’ assembled kits for immediate installation
  • Eliminates the requirement for retrospective through wall core drilling
  • Enables 1st fix ceiling & wall duct extraction and wall connections to outlet vent
  • Durable and totally resistant to decay
  • Airbricks available in terracotta and buff to blend with various brick types (other colours available on request)
  • Suitable for working temperatures of -20 to 60°c
  • Helping to meet Building Regulation Part F
  • Equivalent area marking to front face of airbrick to comply with BS EN 13141-1
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001
  • Airbrick manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene. All other components manufactured from PVC/PP.
  • Available in Terracotta, Buff, Grey, Brown, Black, White and Blue Black.
  • Build in the set’s airbrick (to replace a regular brick) as normal as brick and blockwork proceeds.
  • The installed position and level of the set is determined by the extraction fan connections.
  • The set can be flush or project beyond the inner wall leaf to allow for the fitting of additional ducting or an extraction fan.
  • The cavity wall construction will determine most suitable option length kit required.
  • As with all through cavity wall components install a DPC cavity tray, with wall weep and stop ends, above the installed adapter set to collect any water ingress. – We recommend the Inter-loc 4 horizontal cavity tray and 1143 or InvisiWeep, the almost invisible wall weep.
  • Timber/Steel frame wall construction may require cavity barriers or intumescent collars.
  • Quantity will be relative to the number of extraction fans required by the project.
  • Ensure that the correct shaped set has been selected to suit the ductwork.
  • State the airbrick colour required.

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