Timloc Go Green Achieving Carbon Neutral Status

Date Posted: 15th October 2021

Timloc Building Products has become the first building products manufacturer in the UK to achieve a carbon neutral status after implementing various ‘green’ initiatives to reduce and offset their carbon emissions to zero.

Timloc Building Products, part of Alumasc Group Plc, manufacture and supply sustainable building products designed to be integrated into the fabric of a building from ground level right up to the roof ridge. 75% of the products Timloc manufacture are made from recycled materials and are intended for the lifespan of a home.


The carbon neutrality of the company is monitored by the Carbon Trust; an organisation partnering with businesses, organisations, and governments around the world to help them lead the way to a more sustainable future.


The carbon neutral status follows Timloc hitting a huge milestone earlier this year, when they became the first British building products manufacturer to use electricity generated from 100% renewable sources.


Within their manufacturing facility, Timloc has switched to lighting auto sensors, improved efficiencies resulting in reduced machine working hours and heavily invested in new, energy-efficient machines.


By implementing a circular economy for the production and consumption of many Timloc products, recycled materials are being used to make recyclable products. 100% of their waste is diverted from landfill and all waste material generated as a by-product of the manufacturing process is collected and granulated on-site.


Kirsty Harrop, Marketing Manager at Timloc Building Products, comments “Timloc is at the forefront of sustainability within our sector, and we hope to encourage others to adopt similar practices so that sustainable building products become the industry norm. The built environment currently produces 40% of all UK emissions so it’s imperative that we all play a role in delivering a sustainable future for the industry.”