Timloc Donates To Lancashire Hedgehog Organisation

Date Posted: 05th October 2021

Chorley Hedgehog Rescue Warn That Winter Is Coming


Chorley Hedgehog Rescue CIC recently received a generous donation of £500 from building products manufacturer, Timloc Building Products, part of Alumasc Group Plc. The organisation is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing hedgehogs and they want to highlight the upcoming threat that winter will pose to the nation’s favourite mammal.


Through Timloc Building Products’ pledge to sustainability, the leading manufacturer created the Hedgehog Highway to help the species that is now classified as vulnerable to extinction. With every sale, a donation is made to charities who work hard in the preservation of Britain’s favourite mammal.


Commented Donna Maskell, fundraising volunteer of Chorley Hedgehog Rescue CIC: “We were so grateful for the kind donation from Timloc. It’s even more special to hear that the money has come from their not-for-profit Hedgehog Highway, which can be installed to allow hedgehogs to roam through gardens and search for food.”


Donna continued: “The number of hedgehogs has declined massively over the last 20 years and a contributing factor to this is new housing developments taking up their habitat. It is great to see that a brand in the building industry is raising awareness and offering a solution.”


Janette Jones, founder of Chorley Hedgehog Rescue CIC added: “It is all about raising awareness and at this time of year we want to encourage garden owners to set out food for hedgehogs to eat, and leave a section of their garden wild with fallen leaves for hedgehogs to build winter nests.”


Hedgehogs build up their fat reserves in autumn ready to hibernate during the cold months of winter. Eating invertebrate and insects like beetles, caterpillars, slugs, and earthworms when they can find them is their main food source, but with no access to gardens it becomes harder.


Janette comments: “We receive a lot of hedgehogs during winter that are severely underweight and can’t cope with the freezing temperatures which is why it is so important to give access to our gardens and to offer food and shelter this autumn.


Garden owners can leave out a dish of either hedgehog or kitten food, but don’t forget to supply them with fresh water in a shallow bowl, as hydration is key too. Don’t feed milk/dairy, bread, dried fruit, peanuts, meal worms or bird feed as some of these can cause illness or are not easily digested etc.”


The Hedgehog Highway by Timloc is made from 100% recycled plastic and can be easily installed at the base of fences to connect gardens across the UK. Enabling hedgehogs to roam freely and forage for food and shelter without restriction can help tackle the declining number. The highway makes fence holes aesthetically pleasing and highlights their purpose to avoid accidental obstruction.


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Image provided by Chorley Hedgehog Rescue CIC.