Timloc Charging Into The Future

Date Posted: 27th June 2023

Electric vehicles are paving the way towards reducing our collective environmental footprint…


And Timloc Building Products, part of Alumasc Group plc, is pleased to announce that several EV chargers are now installed at our facility in Howden, East Yorkshire.


In 2022, we also reached our target to make the entire Timloc fleet 100% electric to further reduce our environmental impact. It is estimated that electrical vehicles create up to 70% fewer emissions than petrol engines. Climate change is an incredibly pressing topic and making the switch to EVs is one way we have been able to make a positive contribution.


Kirsty Harrop, Marketing Manager at Timloc Building Products, commented:


“With the installation of the EV chargers and the Timloc fleet becoming all electric, it is clear we are striding forward to build a brighter future. Through our commitment to green initiatives, we are reducing our environmental impact and paving the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.”


In January 2021, Timloc became the first building products manufacturer in the UK to become CO2 neutral. Timloc Building Products has taken various other steps to be at the forefront of sustainability within the industry. Some of the other ways we have reduced our environmental impact include:


  • 75% of products manufactured on site are made from recycled materials.
  • Our products are designed for use throughout the lifespan of a home and are recyclable at the end of the building life.
  • 100% of waste is diverted from landfill and 100% of our packaging is recyclable.
  • The Hedgehog Highway by Timloc was introduced to help the conservation of the UK’s hedgehogs.
  • Signed up to Operation Clean Sweep® to ensure plastic pellets are contained within our facility.


To find out more about our commitment to building a greener tomorrow, visit the Sustainability page on the Timloc website.


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