InVentive Roof Vents – Available NOW from Timloc Building Products

Date Posted: 01st August 2022

Introducing InVentive – the comprehensive range of tile and slate vents AVAILABLE NOW from Timloc Building Products on NEXT DAY delivery.

The extensive range has been designed to suit profile, plain, small profile and non-profile roof tiles and slates as well as universal options. Offered in single, multi and pallet quantities.

The tile and slate vents come in a variety of colours to suit all popular tile and slate types:

  • Castellated Roof Tile Vent
  • Double Pantile Roof Tile Vent
  • Double Roman Roof Tile Vent
  • Flat Edge Roof Tile Vent
  • Non-Profile Roof Tile Vent
  • Thin Leading Edge Roof Tile Vent
  • Interlocking Plain Roof Tile Vent
  • Plain Roof Tile Vent
  • Single Pantile Roof Tile Vent
  • Mini Castellated Roof Tile Vent
  • Universal Roof Tile Vent
  • Universal Inline Slate Vent
  • Universal Hooded Slate Vent

The InVentive range also includes compatible accessories for connection to ventilation ducts or soil vent pipes:

  • Multi Stepped Adapter – To connect to various ventilation duct sizes.
  • Standard Adapter – To connect standard profile roof tile vents to 110mm duct or soil pipe.
  • Plain Adapter – To connect plain roof tile vents to 110mm duct or soil pipe.
  • Slate Adapter – To connect inline slate vents to 110mm duct or soil pipe.
  • Flexi-Pipe Kits – Flexi-Pipe and clamps with various adapter options
  • Hooded Slate Vent Adapter – To connect universal hooded slate vent to 110mm duct or soil pipe.

Single, multi and pallet quantity options are available across the range on our unrivalled NEXT DAY delivery service, with low carriage paid order values of just £100 to branch or £150 direct to site.

The following technical support is included for the InVentive range:

  • Product datasheets
  • Installation guides
  • Product webpages
  • Tile / Slate compatibility chart
  • Product range chart

To find out more, please visit the NEW InVentive webpage here.

Alternatively, speak to your nearest Sales contact or to our Sales or Technical teams for more information: