Hedgehog Charity Stresses Strimmer Warning

Date Posted: 09th June 2022

Forth Hedgehog Hospital, based in Scotland is the latest charity to receive a £100 donation from Timloc Building Products, part of the Alumasc Group plc.


With every sale of the Hedgehog Highway by Timloc, a donation is made to hedgehog charities to support the much needed work in rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing these endangered mammals.


Nadia Al-Dujaili, Founder of Forth Hedgehog Hospital previously worked at a large wildlife recuse centre for 5 years before starting her own charity over 7 years ago.


Forth Hedgehog Hospital is a small rescue that is able to care for up to 50 hedgehogs that are brought in from the local area.


The most common reasons for hedgehogs delivered to the rescue are strimmer injuries, worm/parasite infestations and orphaned hoglets.


Nadia commented: “Unfortunately, areas where gardeners want to cut back are ideal places for hedgehogs to roam/hide and over the years I have seen an increase in strimmer injuries.


“A hedgehogs initial reaction when startled or scared is to curl up in to a defensive ball instead of fleeing. This is why it is so important to thoroughly check these areas before cutting back.”


Nadia continued: “The donation from Hedgehog Highway by Timloc is very much appreciated, especially with the strimmer injuries which generally require more veterinary assistance which can be expensive.”


The Hedgehog Highway by Timloc is easy to install and enables hedgehogs to roam freely and help tackle the declining number. Recent articles such as the ‘State of Britain’s Hedgehogs 2022’ report have shown a glimpse of urban hedgehog numbers stabilising.


Available in Black, Brown, Grey or Yellow, in single or multi packs.


For further information on the Hedgehog Highway visit: www.hedgehoghighway.co.uk


To learn more about Forth Hedgehog Hospital visit: www.hedgehoghospital.org.uk or follow them on their Facebook page.


Know a hedgehog charity you would like us to donate too? Contact Issy Cooke – icooke@timloc.co.uk


Photo credit: Forth Hedgehog Hospital.