Timloc Donate to Help the Hedgehogs

Date Posted: 20th August 2021

Summer gardening is threatening hedgehogs, warns the East Yorkshire building product manufacturer that creates highways for the prickly garden visitors.

Timloc Building Products, part of Alumasc Group Plc, recently made a £500 charitable donation to Prickles & Paws, an animal rescue charity based in Cornwall, from funds raised from sales of the Hedgehog Highway. Like most charities, Prickles & Paws has been hit hard by the pandemic and funds have been considerably lower over the last 18 months.

Katy South, founder of Prickles & Paws, said: “We were so grateful for the kind donation from Timloc. We are currently 45% up on last year for hedgehogs coming into our care. A lot of the cases are sadly injured, and the donation has been a huge help in giving the care the animals need.”

Since the donation, Katy and her team have been able to cover frequent admissions that require veterinary care. Many of the cases that have come to Prickles & Paws recently have been caused by strimmers.

Katy commented: “When it comes to using a strimmer, it is important to check the area thoroughly before. The hedgehogs reaction when scared isn’t to run but to curl up in a defensive ball and sadly they are then hit by the blades.”

The charity also recommends leaving the boarders of your garden a little overgrown or covered with plants and flowers to create areas for the hedgehogs to feel safe and encourage more wildlife.

Issy Cooke, Marketing Executive at Timloc, said: “We have followed the plight of the hedgehog closely in recent years and we are keen to do all we can to help. This includes making regular donations from our not-for-profit hedgehog highways and raising awareness of the species’ plight as much as possible.”

The Hedgehog Highway by Timloc is made from 100% recycled plastic and has been designed to connect gardens across the UK, enabling hedgehogs to roam freely and forage for food and shelter without restriction. The highway makes fence holes aesthetically pleasing and highlights their purpose to avoid accidental obstruction.