Adapt-Air FAQs

Date Posted: 31st January 2020

Adapt-Air has proven to be a hit with housebuilders since its launch last August. In that time, we have had numerous questions about Adapt-Air and its suitability for various applications so Technical Director at Timloc, Phil Harvey, is here to answer our customers’ most frequently asked questions.

Which Adapt-Air Do I Need?

There are 8 different Adapt-Air models available, each designed to suit specific requirements. Use our handy guide below to help you find the model best suited to your specification.

What About Stone Walling?
A simple solution for fitting a single Adapt-Air into stone wall constructions is to clip an additional airbrick on. This creates a double airbrick effect that will fit neatly into a stone wall.

Can I Install Above A Lintel?
The pipe ridge on top of the Adapt-Air has meant some customers believed the unit cannot be installed above a lintel. The solution is to simply flip the unit upside down and the flat side will fit flush to the surface.

Does It Suit Wider Walls?
There are longer 430mm units available in both the single (6520) and double (6525 & 6550) Adapt-Air. For walls wider than 430mm we also have a 500mm extension tube designed to fit all models.

Can I Use an Alternative to Tile Vent Terminals?
Adapt-Air can be built in to gable ends and the ductwork channelled through the loft insulation to reduce exposure to cold conditions and minimise risk of condensation.

Got a Question for our Technical Team?
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