200 Hedgehogs Released Back Into The Wild

Date Posted: 10th May 2022

Timloc Building Products, part of the Alumasc Group Plc, have donated £100 to Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust who have recently released 200 hedgehogs back in to the wild.


Set up by Carole Catchpole, the charity covers Northumbria and focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating sick or injured hedgehogs and then releases them once recovered.


Commented Issy Cooke, Marketing Executive of Timloc Building Products:

“Releasing 200 hedgehogs is a massive testament to the hard work of the team at Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust and we wanted them to receive our next donation.”


Carole commented:

“The donation from Timloc Building Products and their Hedgehog Highway is very much appreciated as we solely rely on donations and volunteers to keep the organisation running.


“Although we have released a lot of hedgehogs that were in our care over winter, the temperature is now warmer and we anticipate a busy spring.”


Carole continued:

“The sunny weather naturally encourages us to spend more time in our gardens and strim down overgrown grass or heavily weeded areas. We see a big increase of injured hedgehogs caused by strimmer’s which mainly require veterinary care. The donation will help with these type of admissions.”


The Hedgehog Highway by Timloc is easy to install and enables hedgehogs to roam freely, helping to tackle the declining number. Recent articles such as the ‘State of Britain’s Hedgehogs 2022’ report have shown a glimpse of urban hedgehog numbers stabilising.


Issy added:

“Hedgehogs will be extremely active searching for food and water because they are coming out of hibernation and mating season starts around May.


“With so much of the hedgehogs natural habitat decreasing they heavily rely on our gardens. Installing a Hedgehog Highway, especially in urban areas allows hedgehogs to roam and will hopefully help the species one day thrive again.”


With every purchase of the Hedgehog Highway by Timloc a donation is made to hedgehog charities to continue their essential work like Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust.


Available in Black, Brown, Grey or Yellow, in single or multi packs.


For further information on the Hedgehog Highway visit: www.hedgehoghighway.co.uk


To learn more about Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust visit: www.hedgehogs-northumbria.org.uk


Photo credit: Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust.