Everdry Adjustable Stepped Cavity Trays for Brickwork

BBA-approved stepped cavity tray system for multi cavity options in brick wall construction of 75mm coursing heights.

Everdry preformed cavity trays are a range of DPC products for installation at the abutment of a pitched roof with a cavity wall to prevent water penetration. All Everdry cavity tray components are designed to comply fully with the requirements set out in Building Regulations, British Standards and the NHBC.


  • At the abutment of a pitched roof with a cavity wall
  • On external walls – not exceeding 120mm thickness – built from standard brickwork or similar sized components with regular course heights, including mortar of approximately 75mm
  • On roof pitches of 15 degrees and above
  • Clear cavity widths of between 50mm-110mm

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Product Information

75mm brick coursing

DescriptionLengthHandingProduct Codes (To suit clear cavity widths of 50mm -110mm)
Intermediate tray225mmRH10001
Intermediate tray225mmLH10002
Intermediate tray420mm*RH10011
Intermediate tray420mm*LH10012
Stopend starter tray225mmRH/LH10031
Corner starter tray225mmRH/LH10041
Ridge tray225mmN/A10061
Ridge tray420mmN/A10062

For trays to suit clear cavity widths of 111mm+ can be made to order. For trays featuring the polystyrene strip mortar barrier insert ‘P’ at the end of the required product code. This may incur additional charge. N.B Stopend starter, corner starter and ridge trays suit all roof pitches. * For roof pitches 15°-22.5°. 525mm long tray available “fixed cavity” for roof pitches 10°-15°.

  • High adjustable back upstand
  • Adjustable upstand to cover 50mm-110mm clear cavities
  • Roof pitch marks on tray upstand to give installation guidance
  • Cavity tray builds into outer leaf only to speed up installation and allowing both inner and outer leafs to be built independently if required
  • Optional longer tray for roof pitches less than 25 degrees
  • The system is available on request with pre-applied polystyrene strips
  • Polystyrene is much easier to rake out than mortar and offers a visual locator of the cavity tray so aiding the installation of post fitted lead work (this service may incur additional charge)
  • BBA approved
  • Satisfies all NHBC requirements
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001
  • Complies with all relevant Building Regulations
  • Meets all relevant British Standards
  • All components in the range are injection moulded in 2mm polypropylene for added durability, toughness and quality. Available in black only.

Intermediate trays
Suits all cavity options – forms main tray run with one tray on each course of brickwork running the full length of the abutting roof slope.

Stopend starters
First component to be installed and fitted at the lowest point on a standard abutment. It collects water gathered by the rest of the system and discharges it from the wall through a weep unit.

Corner starter trays
Has the same function as stopend starter tray but is used where the abutting roof comes up to, or beyond, the corner of the main building. Designed to return around the corner of the building to provide complete protection.

Ridge trays
Used where a right hand and left hand roof slope come together at an apex to straddle the top two intermediate trays.

  • The core tray will suit clear cavity widths of 50mm-110mm.
  • Weep holes in starter and corner starter trays can be formed simply by installing purpose made Timloc plastic wall weep units (product 1143/Invisiweep).
  • Trays and/or where particularly porous facing brickwork is used, it is strongly recommended that extra weep holes are provided at intermediate points along the run of cavity trays.
  • Many components come in left or right-handed versions. Handing is dictated by the direction of the abutting roof slope.
  • To calculate quantities, allow one cavity tray per course on each roof slope. One stopend starter or corner starter is needed per roof slope, and one ridge tray at each apex.
  • Check roof pitch and select correct length of tray to suit it.
  • Select the correct handing to suit the direction of each roof slope.
  • Always state cavity width, roof pitch and coursing height to ensure correct goods are despatched.

F30 Accessories/sundry items for brick/block/stone walling


  • Manufacturer: Timloc Building Products, Timloc House, Ozone Park, Howden, East Yorkshire, DN14 7SD. T: 01405 765567 W: www.timloc.co.uk
  • Type(s) and location(s): Cavity tray to be installed into brickwork over stepped/sloping roof abutments on new build and remedial work applications.
  • Build in carefully in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure a fully watertight installation.
  • Reference: e.g. 10001 Intermediate Tray (RH) 225mm long (roof pitches 25°+)
  • Stepped cavity trays are used where a pitched roof abuts a cavity wall. To calculate the quantity of trays required to cover a section of roof abutment one of three measurements must be determined, either the vertical height or the sloping or horizontal length of the abutment. If the vertical height is measured, simply divide this distance by the coursing height of the material being used for construction.
  • E.g. If the vertical height is 1.5m and the wall is standard 75mm brick coursing (NB 75mm = 0.075m) the equation would be 1.5 ÷ 0.075 = 20. Therefore 20 No. cavity trays are required per sloping abutment.
  • If the sloping or horizontal distance has been measured the tables shown opposite should be used to convert the distance (measured in metres) into the quantity of cavity trays. Take care to select the correct table and the appropriate column which relates to the coursing height and the pitch of the abutting roof.
  • E.g. If the sloping measurement is 2.5m, at a pitch of 30°, with a 75mm brick coursing height the equation would be 2.5 x 6.7 = 16.75. This would be rounded up, so 17 No. cavity trays are required.
  • E.g. If the horizontal measurement is 1.5m, at a pitch of 40°, with a 75mm brick coursing height the equation would be 1.5 x 11.2 = 16.8. This would be rounded down, so 16 No. cavity trays are required.

Stepped cavity trays sloping measurement

Roof pitchCoursing height 74mm brick

Stepped cavity trays horizontal measurement

Roof pitchCourse height 75mm brick

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