1168 Plastic Push Up Loft Access Door

Easy-to-install push-up loft access door designed to provide easy through-ceiling access into the loft space. The 1168 loft door comes fully assembled and ready to fit straight out of the box.

Fully removable access door with two twist-operated catches to secure the door in place.

Tested and certified by BRE as meeting Building Regulation Part L’s reasonable air leakage requirements of <10m3/(h.m2) at a pressure differential of 50Pa and BS5250:2011.

Clean, discreet profile with an easy to clean finish. Manufactured from injection moulded polypropylene. Available in a choice of insulation U-value performances of 0.82 W/m2K, 0.35 W/m2K and 0.25 W/m2K.


  • To provide simple, easy access through ceiling into the loft space

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Product Information

Push-Up Loft Door

Frame fitting sizeClear opening sizeInsulation U-valueProduct Code
562 x 665mm526 x 626mm0.82 W/m2k1168
562 x 665mm526 x 626mm0.25 W/m2k1168/25
562 x 665mm526 x 626mm0.35 W/m2k1168/35

  • Purpose made product saves time and money compared with traditional joiner-made timber loft access doors
  • Standard and higher U value insulation performances available
  • Excellent aesthetic appearance
  • Factory finished and ready to fit straight from the box
  • Insulated door panel
  • Incorporates integral draught and vapour seal
  • Incorporates two twist operated catches to secure the door panel and prevent uplift.
  • Maintenance free, no need to paint
  • Acoustic performance of 30dB
  • Satisfies all NHBC requirements
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001
  • Complies with Building Reg. document L1A & L2A (2013 Edition)
  • Meets all relevant British Standards
  • The frame is a one-piece injection moulding in polypropylene. The door panel is a one piece injection moulding in polypropylene. Insulation is CFC free expanded polystyrene foam.
  • Door and frame available in white only RAL 9010.
  • The product is designed to fit between 38mm thick trussed rafters or ceiling joists spaced at 600mm centres which provide a clear joist opening width of 562mm.
  • If the roof design does not provide this joist opening width, a suitable opening must be formed.
  • Trimmers must be installed across the ends of the frame. These should be spaced to give a clear opening length of 665mm.
  • The frame fixes with ten screws, three through each side and two through each end.
  • Fit the loft access door after the ceiling has been plaster boarded and skimmed.
  • The frame must be a good fit into the trimmed opening. Never force it into an opening that is too small. If the opening is too large use packers to ensure a good fit.

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  • Manufacturer: Timloc Building Products, Timloc House, Ozone Park, Howden, East Yorkshire, DN14 7SD. Tel: 01405 765567, Web: www.timloc.co.uk
  • Type: Push-up Loft Door 562mm x 662mm joist opening
  • Specification: Insulated and draught stripped
  • Colour: Textured white Polypropylene
  • Timloc loft access doors comply with the most recent Building Regulations; ‘THE BUILDING REGULATIONS ‘Conservation of fuel and power’ APPROVED DOCUMENT L1A & L2A (2013 Edition).
  • The Timloc loft access door demonstrates full compliance with the Building Regulation Part L1A & L2A while fully complying with BS5250:2011 the Code of Practice for control of condensation in buildings.
  • Timloc loft access doors contain polystyrene insulation with a Thermal Conductivity of 0.038W/mK. For this reason, a correction U value of 0.004W/m2k should be calculated to the proposed U value figures for a ceiling.
  • With reference to insulation, the products in this range do not use, contain, or produce Urea Formaldehyde, CFCs or indeed any of the so-called soft CFCs, i.e. HCFCs & HFAs. They have an ozone depletion potential of zero and Global Warming Potential of less than 5.

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