NEW InVentive Hooded Slate Vent Available Now

Date Posted: 22nd May 2023

The InVentive range of tile and slate vents from Timloc Building Products has been further extended to include the NEW Hooded Slate Vent (RTV-HS).

The high maximum free vent area of 22,000mm2 means less vents are required in order to meet building regulations and NHBC requirements.

Each vent is sized to replace one full slate and is suitable for a minimum pitch of 22.5°. Compatible with Natural or Synthetic slates in sizes 600mm x 300mm or 500mm x 250mm from all major manufacturers. Available in single boxes or multi (boxes of 4).

The vent is shaped to manage and channel rainwater back down onto the roof tiles and away from the vent opening. The flat base means there is no need to cut roofing battens unless using with a ducted system.

The 4mm spaced external grille prevents rainwater ingress and keep out large insects, vermin and debris.

RTV-HS can also be connected to ventilation duct or soil vent pipe of various sizes with the Hooded Slate Adapter (RTV-ADHS)

At Timloc we pride ourselves on our industry-leading next day delivery service. Our low carriage-paid order values of £100 to branch and £150 to site can also be achieved by ordering a variety of products from across the entire Timloc range.


Key Contacts:

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