Quality, Environment & Certification

Quality, Environment & Certification

All products in our range are designed to comply fully with all the requirements of appropriate British Standards, NHBC, Building Regulations, Codes of Practice and Local Authority regulations, and the recommendations of authoritative bodies including the BBA, Building Research Establishment and the Lead Development Association.

Our Everdry cavity tray systems have British Board of Agreement certification, providing independent verification of their performance and fitness for purpose in compliance with the relevant Building Regulations. Certificates are subject to quality control surveillance by the BBA during the period of validity of the certificate, including formal inspections by a third party assessor.

The core internal Quality Management System operates fully under the very latest level of certification;  ISO 9001

Notwithstanding as a matter of course all necessary public and product liability insurances, Timloc is part of the highly respected Alumasc Group plc of companies, ensuring the highest standards of products and service are guaranteed.

Timloc is also proud of its Health and Safety ethos and procedures, and works continuously to maintain and improve these, for the benefits of its employees, customers, suppliers and the general public.

Timloc also operates an Environmental Policy, which commits the Company as a minimum to complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and also involves ongoing programmes to minimise waste, recycle the maximum materials possible, continuously monitor environmental impacts actual and potential, and strive for continual improvements. Timloc is registered for accreditation to ISO 14001 for its Environmental Management System.