Thermo-loc FR30 30 Minute Fire-Rated Cavity Closer

30-minute fire-rated cavity closer for eliminating damp and cold bridging around doors, windows, and sills. Independently tested by Warrington Fire to achieve 30 minutes fire-rating and minimum 15 minutes insulation.

Suitable for cavities up to 300mm. Available in single profile for 50mm-100mm cavities and double profile for 105mm-300mm cavities. Cavity barriers for fully rebated and check reveal are also available. Compliant with Building Regulation Approved Documents C, B, L1 and L2 and satisfies BRE document ‘Thermal Insulation: avoiding risks’. Fixing ties available in packs of 100. View LABC certificate.


  • To close the cavity at external doors, window jambs and sills
  • To provide thermal insulation and prevent ‘cold bridging’
  • To provide a DPC at external doors, window jambs or sills
  • 30 minutes fire rating and 15 minutes insulation minimum
  • Suitable for cavities up to 300mm
  • Suitable for timber and masonry walls

Product Information

Thermo-loc FR30 30 Minute Fire-Rated Cavity Closer

DescriptionCavity WidthLengthPack QuantityProduct Code
Thermo-loc FR3050mm2.4m10CC2.4FR/50
Thermo-loc FR3065mm2.4m10CC2.4FR/65
Thermo-loc FR3075mm2.4m10CC2.4FR/75
Thermo-loc FR3090mm2.4m10CC2.4FR/90
Thermo-loc FR30100mm2.4m5CC2.4FR/100
Thermo-loc FR30125mm2.4m5CC2.4FR/125
Thermo-loc FR30150mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/150
Thermo-loc FR30160mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/160
Thermo-loc FR30170mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/170
Thermo-loc FR30180mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/180
Thermo-loc FR30190mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/190
Thermo-loc FR30200mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/200
Thermo-loc FR30210mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/210
Thermo-loc FR30220mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/220
Thermo-loc FR30230mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/230
Thermo-loc FR30240mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/240
Thermo-loc FR30250mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/250
Thermo-loc FR30260mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/260
Thermo-loc FR30270mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/270
Thermo-loc FR30280mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/280
Thermo-loc FR30290mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/290
Thermo-loc FR30300mm2.4m3CC2.4FR/300
Fixing ties - 100 pack--100CCFIX

  • Provides an effective DPC and thermal barrier between frame, inner and outer wall leaf
  • Thermal conductivity of 0.036W/mK
  • Exceeds the minimum thermal resistance path of 0.45m2K/W stipulated in ‘Part L’ accredited construction details
  • Rigid profile extrusion allows both first and second fix
  • Suitable for all frame and sill positions
  • Durable and resistant to decay
  • Insulation option to suit your requirements both thermal and fire rated
  • Global warming potential of zero
  • Ozone depletion potential of zero
  • Available fully rebated – Check reveal (single flange)
  • Independently tested by Warrington Fire
  • LABC Registered Detail
  • Satisfies NHBC Standards
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001
  • Complies with Building Regulation Approved Documents C, B, L1 & L2
  • Complies with ‘Part L’ accredited construction details
  • Complies with the Scottish Building Standards ‘Technical handbook’
  • Satisfies BRE document ‘Thermal insulation: avoiding risks’
  • Meets all relevant British Standards
  • Rigid profile extruded in white UPVC. Supplied in 2.4 metre lengths.
  • Standard cavity options available 50mm – 300mm. Rockfibre mineral wool (FR) insulation 0.036W/mk.
  • Can be used in both first and second fix applications.
  • Cut the cavity closer into required lengths allowing the jamb section to overlap the sill section and to butt the underside of the lintel.
  • In first fix application the cavity barrier should be nailed to the jamb/ sill of the door or window frame and the whole assembly built in as work proceeds. Alternatively, the barrier can be built in sections using fixing ties as work proceeds.
  • For second fix applications, the cavity closer is pushed into the open cavity after building work is complete. The compressible nature of the exposed insulation material is used to create a friction fit in the cavity; secure nail fixing is required.
  • Joining ‘off cut’ sections should not be carried out for the FR range.
  • Establish the cavity width and select the correct cavity closer width, or the next size up to ensure the cavity can be closed.
  • In jamb and sill applications, first estimate the total length of cavity barrier required, then order the correct number of individual 2.4 metre lengths so no joint pieces.
  • Fixing ties are available for secure fixing if required (particular attention around door openings). Allow for ties fitted at 450mm centres.

F30 Accessories/sundry items for brick/block/stone walling


  • To extend not less than 150mm beyond ends of lintels/bridgings
  • Manufacturer: Timloc Building Products, Timloc House, Ozone Park, Howden, East Yorks. DN14 7SD. T: 01405 765 567, W:
  • Reference: eg. CC2.4 FR/75 (Thermo-loc FR30, 2.4m, 75mm cavity)
  • Accessories: Fixing ties available, 6 No. per 2.4m cavity barrier

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