System 2000E Horizontal Cavity Trays for Refurbishment

Horizontal cavity tray system for remedial work on all types of existing brick, block and stone wall constructions.

Low profile taped lapped joints to securely join cavity tray lengths together and create a watertight run.


  • For remedial work where a horizontal cavity tray must be inserted into an existing wall
  • At the abutment of a flat roof with a cavity wall
  • At the abutment of a lean-to or mono pitch roof with a cavity wall
  • Over airbricks, cavity liners, ducts, meter boxes, etc.
  • On external walls – not exceeding 102.5mm in thickness – built from standard brickwork, blockwork or stone
  • Clear Cavity widths of between 50mm-125mm

Product Information

System 2000E horizontal cavity trays (existing walls)

DescriptionLength50-74mm Cavity Width*75-99mm Cavity Width*100-125mm Cavity Width*
Horizontal tray460/440mm2005/502005/752005/100
External 90° cornerN/A2006/502006/752006/100
Internal 90° cornerN/A2007/502007/752007/100
Stopend RHN/A2003/502003/752003/100
Stopend LHN/A2004/502004/752004/100

Alternatively, the Inter-loc system is also suitable for remedial work. Trays to suit clear cavity widths of 126mm+ can be made to order. For trays featuring the polystyrene strip mortar barrier insert ‘P’ at the end of the required product code. This may incur additional charge.

  • Compact size and design allow insertion into an existing wall without ever having to remove more than three bricks at any one time
  • Low profile lapped joint between sections allows for variations in brick size
  • Angled section between cavity tray base and rear upstand automatically sheds water to the outer leaf
  • Cavity tray builds into the outer leaf only, so there is no need to disturb the inner wall of the building
  • The system is available upon request with pre-applied polystyrene strips
  • Polystyrene is much easier to rake out than mortar and offers a visual locator of the cavity tray so aiding the installation of post fitted lead work – this may incur additional charge.
  • BBA approved
  • Satisfies all NHBC requirements
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001: BS EN ISO 14001
  • Complies with all relevant Building Regulations
  • Meets all relevant British Standards
  • All products are vacuum formed in 2.0mm thick rigid polyethylene.
  • Available in black only.

Horizontal cavity trays
The main cavity tray component. Sections join together by means of a lapped joint, sealed with factory applied butyl mastic tape, to form the main cavity tray run. Water is gathered by the cavity tray and is discharged from the wall through a series of weep holes.

Corner units
Allows the integrity of the main cavity tray run to be maintained when it is necessary to turn a corner on a building. Available in either external or internal format.

Fitted at the start and finish of the cavity tray run to seal off the open ends and prevent water running back into the cavity.

  • Each component is available to suit cavity widths of 50-74mm, 75-99mm and 100-125mm – make sure you select the correct width for the project in hand.
  • Weep holes (Timloc 1143 or Invisiweep) must be provided every 900mm along the cavity tray run to comply with Building Reg.requirements.
  • Each component fits to the next by means of a lapped joint that is sealed with butyl mastic tape. Surfaces must be clean and dry otherwise a good seal will not be formed.
  • With pre-formed cavity trays such as the System 2000E it is not strictly necessary for the cavity tray to span all the way across the cavity. As long as the cavity tray stands back from the rear face of the external wall and projects back into the cavity far enough to intercept drips falling from the wall ties, it will perform effectively.
  • To calculate quantities, divide the overall length of the cavity tray run by 440mm. If the calculation does not come to an exact figure, round up to the next whole number.
  • If the cavity tray is required to turn a corner, ensure that the correct, corner units are ordered.
  • Always order stopends – typical installations require one right hand and one left hand stopend for the start and finish of the run.
  • Always state the clear cavity width when ordering.

F30 Accessories/sundry items for brick/block/stone walling


  • Manufacturer: Timloc Building Products, Timloc House, Ozone Park, Howden, East Yorkshire, DN14 7SD. T: 01405 765567 W:
  • Type(s) and location(s): Cavity tray supplied to be installed over horizontal abutments on new build applications, ring beam systems, airbricks, cavity liners, meter boxes, ducts etc.
  • Build in carefully in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure a fully watertight installation.
  • Reference: 2005E Horizontal Tray (440mm effective length)
  • • Optional Accessories: e.g. 2006E External Corner 90 degree

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