Radon Sump

Prefabricated plastic sump for use where sub floor depressurisation is required under full radon protection.

The sump is installed beneath the floor slab in non suspended floor applications and vented to atmosphere via a connecting 110mm drainage pipe to an external source and capped off with proprietary products i.e. air bricks & telescopic under floor vents or roof vents.

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Product Information

Radon Sump

DescriptionPack QuantityLead TimeProduct Code
Radon Sump1Next Working DayRSUMP01

  • Compatible with 110mm drainage pipes.
  • Single piece moulding eliminates the need for on-site fabrication preventing errors through poor workmanship.
  • Easy to handle and position.
  • Tough, durable and puncture resistant.
  • Spigot ends can be cut along the indented lines as required to provide extra pipe connections.
  • Two or more sumps can be connected with pipework to provide more capacity for larger or more complex groundwork sites with multiple compartments.
  • Satisfies all NHBC requirements
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001
  • Complies with all relevant Building Regulations
  • Meets all relevant British Standards
  • UK Design Registration Number 6185786
  • Moulded in 3mm thick medium density polyethylene. Available in black only.
  • Units will require tape and seal – tape sold seperately. Use Gtape01 to make the seal between joint surfaces. Use Gtape02 to seal upper surface to minimise lap lifting if used in concrete floors.
  • Order as each
  • Timloc can prepare a comprehensive schedule and quotation service if required

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