Over Lintel, General Purpose and Parapet Horizontal Cavity Trays

A range of easy to install horizontal cavity trays to protect modern steel lintels, general purpose horizontal and parapet cavity applications.

Timloc offer a comprehensive standard range of cut to size cavity trays for lintel protection with profile options to suit the most popular lintel manufacturers and styles such as Catnic, IG, Birtley and Keystone.


  • Over steel lintels in external cavity walls (LCT)
  • General purpose horizontal cavity applications such as floor beams, abutments and meter boxes (GCT)
  • For parapet walls (HPT)

Product Information

LCT lintel, GCT and HPT horizontal cavity trays

DescriptionColour50-74mm Cavity Width*75-99mm Cavity Width*100-125mm Cavity Width*
LCT100 Lintel tray Black500150025003
LCT150 Lintel tray Black500450055006
LCT225 Lintel tray Black500750085009
GCT50 Horizontal trayBlack5201--
GCT75 Horizontal trayBlack-5202-
GCT100 Horizontal trayBlack--5203
HPT50 Horizontal trayBlack5301--
HPT75 Horizontal trayBlack-5302-
HPT100 Horizontal trayBlack--5303

  • Fully self-supporting cavity tray system built independently from inner leaf
  • Available for all coursing heights and styles with options available to suit all cavity variations
  • Full range of cut to length sizes available
  • No site fabrication, no waste, easy to handle and install
  • Consistency and build quality maintained, cost effective
  • Tough, durable, scratch resistant and puncture resistant
  • Manufactured to BS ISO 9001 and BS EN 14001
  • Meets all relevant British Standards
  • Meets all documented cavity tray requirements
  • Meets all NHBC recommendations
  • Manufactured from black 2mm polypropylene. A high-quality product that is rigid yet durable for site conditions.
  • Lintel cavity trays must be combined with lintel stopends and proprietary weep hole units to achieve their full potential of being a system which offers maximum water catchment and discharge properties for above openings. Standard length 2.5mtrs in one piece.
  • The standard range of lintel cavity tray has been designed to suit the most popular types of steel lintel.
  • Two stopends and weep holes at 450mm centres (minimum of two weep holes) are required per lintel/tray.
  • Consult lintel manufacturer to confirm lintel upstand height and select next available LCT height (either 100mm, 150mm or 225mm).
  • Calculate the length of LCT required by adding a minimum of 300mm to length of lintel. This will give adequate cavity tray length to allow stopends to be inserted into the next perp joint away from the opening.
  • Add the appropriate LCT length to the product code before ordering.

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