Interlocking Plain Tile Dry Verge

A robust, attractive and weather resistant verge system alternative to wet mortar bedding for Interlocking Plain tiles.



  • Developed for Plain Interlocking concrete tiles
  • Suitable for most pitched roof types from 15-55°
  • Verges with or without bargeboards
  • New build and refurbishment projects

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Product Information

Interlocking Plain Tile Dry Verge

DescriptionPack quantityBlack product codesGrey product codesTerracotta product codesBrown product codesRed product codes
Interlocking Plain Tile Dry Fix Verge409917399174991759917699182
Interlocking Plain Tile Verge Starter109917799178991799918099181
Universal Dry Fix Angled Ridge End Cap19910799109991109910899183
Universal Dry Fix Half Round Ridge End Cap19913699113991149911299184
Dry Verge Profiled Tile End Grain Batten Bracket (optional)209912499124991249912499124

  • Universal installation – LH & RH sides are interchangeable.
  • Long lasting, reliable, and virtually maintenance free.
  • Protects against wind uplift, water ingress & general deterioration.
  • Easy, fast, clean and generally safer mortar free installation.
  • Allows virtually all-weather installation.
  • Strong but supple for easy flexing and sliding along the tiles.
  • Secure fit around the tile reassurance.
  • Maintains consistently smart appearance.
  • Not impacted by building settlement.
  • Meets mechanical fix legislation requirements.
  • The system also offers a unique steel fixing bracket option that presents flexible fixing points for use with alternative size counter battens or straight onto tile batten ends. The bracket avoids the reliance of end grain fixing, which can cause splitting and consequential damp penetration issues.
  • Helping to meet BS 5534 Code of practice for slating and tiling
  • Complies with all other relevant regulations and standards
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001
  • Independently tested and complies with BS8612
  • UV protected and colour fast polypropylene
  • Galvanised steel batten end bracket (optional)
  • Available in grey, terracotta, brown, red and black
  • Interlocking Plain Tile Verge
  • Interlocking Plain Tile Verge starter
  • Half round ridge (apex) end cap
  • Angled ridge (apex) end cap
  • End grain batten bracket (optional)
  • Select the relevant verge system colour for the project.
  • 1 verge piece is required for each roof tile in the sloping run.
  • Select the ridge shape for the apex of the system – angled or round.
  • Eaves starter must be installed at the beginning of each sloping run.
  • 1 optional end grain batten bracket is required for each verge piece installed in the sloping run.

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